There are a lot of ways people acquire their skill. World of JavaScript tools is a bit unstable - new frameworks and libraries come and go in matter of days. We need to learn new technologies quite often. Software development is about learning through entire career.

The thing is - there is no silver bullet when it comes to education.

Each of us learn things in a different way. For us, programmers, the most popular ways are:

  • Reading books
  • Watching talks on YouTube
  • Solving problems and acquiring minimal knowledge about the tool
  • Going through set of examples with descriptions

This year, we have released book about React for Rails developers. The book turned out to be a great resource for people learning React. We received marvelous feedback from our audience. But we didn’t stop here - it was not enough.

React Koans

Not everyone learns most efficient from books. That’s why we decided to create React Koans - a set of practical exercises that helps in learning React basics. They are totally free and you don’t have to know anything about React.

Over few hundred people cloned our repository and started learning React with Koans. We received really positive feedback about our work. Since it’s open-sourced, many people helped us improve the content of the exercises. This repository turned out to be a great help for React beginners.

We prepared an introductory video for you, where we go through installation part of Koans.

Start learning with React Koans on Github.

On this blog we will publish more blogposts on React. We prepare more tutorials and examples of usage to be published soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about new entries!

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