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Wiktor Mociun

React's context feature in practice

Once we started using React in our projects, our productivity went up. We were able to deliver complex view with many moving parts in a fraction of a time we would need before with other technologies.

Our application grew with time and some of our applications got really complex views. In some point, it was really inconvenient to pass down some common data in large component trees. It wasn’t a no-go, but a bit tiring.

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"React.js by example" is now 1.0

We, the Arkency team, are glad to announce that our last child - “React.js by example” book, has been officially released! It is currently in version 1.0.

If you don’t know the book - this is a set of 12 easy-to-medium web widgets written in React.js using ES6 and JSX, explained in step-by-step manner. You can check out these widgets here.

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Big names using React.js

This is insane, so many companies are adopting React.js every day. Some people say it’s all about hype. We checked which big companies and brands are using React and why they decided to go for it.

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Why are we using React.js in our projects?

Source: Subramanya Prasad

Programming interactive user interfaces using JavaScript might be a tough task. User calls some action and we need to update his view - manipulating DOM using tool like jQuery. It just doesn’t feel good enough to modify document’s elements by hand. It is also really hard to re-use already written parts of UI and compose them with each other.

Imagine if there was one tool, that would solve all these problems and help you deliver your front-end much faster. What if you didn’t have to worry about this whole DOM stuff when you just want to update the view?

How would you feel being as efficient as when developing your Rails backend, when it comes to user interface?

Here comes React.js!

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Going mobile with React Native

Source: Molly Elliott

When Facebook announced React Native I was amused. It is my chance to start developing mobile applications. I already know React and I can write most of my code using it.

If you haven’t seen @Vjeux talking about React Native on React.js Conf, you should definitely check it out before.

I want to share my path in making simple application for iPhone. I believe that experience should be enough to start creating bigger apps.

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