This is insane, so many companies are adopting React.js every day. Some people say it’s all about hype. We checked which big companies and brands are using React and why they decided to go for it.

Netflix - the biggest paid video-streaming service

There are two reasons why Netflix decided to go into React: performance, code simplicity and modularity. You can read about that in details on Netflix Techblog.

Jafar Husain, the developer in Netflix mentions in his talk how they managed to easily create the React version working on their platform called Gibbon (they use it on low-performance TV devices) instead of DOM used in web browsers.

Yahoo! - the mail client in React

In this case, it’s not only about React. When Facebook was publicly announcing React, they did present their idea of a good architecture that will work well with React as a piece of it. It’s called Flux and you can hear a bit about it here.

One of the Yahoo developers shared the notes from his talk about the evolution of Yahoo! Mail. The main benefit he mentions is about making it easier to work with the code.

Sberbank - the number one bank in Russia

I must say, I was really shocked when I heard that the interactive part of bank’s website was developed in React. One of the developers working on that project shared his team’s experience on React’s Google Group. They were really happy about the speed of development with React.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

That’s a pretty obvious point in this post. Facebook was the place where React was created. And it’s actively used on Facebook website, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Atlassian - the creators of Jira, BitBucket, HipChat and many more

HipChat is one of the most popular team-communication tools in the World. Its team has been recently rebuilding their web version to React. Atlassian developers were deciding between Angular, Ember and React. After prototyping HipChat client in all of these technologies, they picked React.

They summed up the main benefits of React in their blogpost using phrase from Tom Ochino’s talk:

Declarative → Predictable → Confidence

Khan Academy

Many parts of Khan Academy are working on React right now. Joel Burget, who was a developer in Khan Academy, shared his experience about migrating from Backbone to React. He mentions one of the most the best features of React - it manages how the elements on the page must change in the efficient way. React avoids unnecessary re-renders.

Bonus: The New York Times - The Red Carpet Project

This project aggregates various looks of stars on Oscar red carpet. The interface built in React let user to filter the gallery of photos from 19 years in really convenient way. Notice how fast does the re-rendering on the site work.

Summing it up

Of course it’s not a full list. As you can see, React isn’t a niche technology. It’s already used by big organizations and businesses.

What big companies using React you know?

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