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Robert Pankowecki

Dynamic JSX tags

For many React developers using JSX it is not clear how to make a dynamic JSX tag. Meaning that instead of hardcoding whether it is input or textarea or div or span (or anything else) we would like to keep it in a variable.

Let’s have a look.

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How granular are your redux actions?

I (and I am pretty sure you as well) sometimes get the feeling that there is too much boilerplate when it comes to implementing forms with React and Redux. Connecting actions, validations, state updates and rendering for a simple form can be a tedious job. I know there are people working on good wrappers but I am not sure we are there yet.

I hope that over time we will get better abstractions that will remove this boilerplate for simplest situations. And we will only need to focus on more complex or unusual interactions which differ from the default of “update of this input means update of that property in the state”.

In the meantime I wanted to present (perhaps obvious) techniques that can reduce the amount of code.

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